Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DIY Home Repair

Ok, this isn't artsy or anything, but it IS a form of painting... I've refinished my bathtub! My poor tub was in desperate need of recaulking, and when I removed the old caulk, so much of the paint had chipped away around the edges (the drain had been chipping for quite awhile), I knew it was time to just do the whole thing! So I got a tub painting kit from Home Depot and fixed it up all nice... not as perfect as a professional, but not too shabby. I painted the tub first (its a one part epoxy spray paint), and it took 3 days to cure. So I've been showering at the yoga studio every day. And just now I finished the caulking, so by tomorrow morning I'll be able to use my shower again. Wahoo!


Stacie said...

Looks hot!

Jane Grant Tentas said...

Wow, you are ambitious!

Kimmy said...

Looks much better. good job!