Saturday, June 29, 2013

MATS Week 4 - Wall Decor

This week in Lilla Roger's Make Art That Sells course, we covered Wall Decor, and were given the assignment to create one or two abstract collage-style wall paintings, geared towards the 25-45 year old female customer - we had to use some sort of floral motif, and also include at least one word.

I challenged myself this week - even more than the restrictions of the assignment - by not using the computer AT ALL for this. It was wonderful to paint and glue and cut and draw and make a huge huge mess in my studio - wonderful and freeing and sloppy and lovely and also in a way, a giant relief to get back to my roots, back to basics.

I'll be doing this again.

I struggled with what words or phrase or quote to incorporate... I really can't stand inspirational quotes - they make me gag. So it was hard to find something that didn't make me want to shove a pencil in my eye.... in the end, I figured it would be good to stick with the theme of this entire class for me : change, progress, journey, growth, etc. You can see what I chose in the photos below.

As for color, we were assigned a limited palette of two colors, and I had yellow and blue. I was grateful for these limitations, because going so far out of my comfort zone with traditional mediums was enough of a challenge for me. If I had to do it over again, I'd go a little lighter, with more neutrals or white.....

The mediums and materials I use in my two pieces: 12x12 canvas, acrylic, pen and ink, watercolor, various yellow and blue papers, vellum, tissue paper, thumbtacks and..... I used bees wax!! I've always been in awe of artwork that incorporates it - such a lovely texture and feeling. I'll definitely be doing that again and again in pieces to come. This assignment has inspired me to get away from the computer (well, the whole class has) - and let myself PLAY with art. I'm back, baby!

This is the piece I submitted for class.

Close up

And another close up

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